Services Provided

Counseling & Psychological Services

We are a group practice of professionally licensed psychotheraphists

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is often one of the first steps many trainees take on their way to becoming professional...


Teletherapy is an effective way to access counseling and mental health services virtually. Through teletherapy, clients can conveniently...

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a dynamic environment in which clients gather with a therapist to engage in facilitated and...

Marital & Family Therapy

At its core, marital & family therapy addresses the interpersonal dynamics in a family unit. The therapist will...

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is conducted one-on-one with a client. This setting allows the therapist to tailor the session(s) to...

Therapeutic & Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation provides a safe and supportive environment in which children may be introduced or reacclimated to the...