Group Therapy

Group Therapy

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is a dynamic environment in which clients gather with a therapist to engage in facilitated and restorative conversations, lessons, and support structures. With a clear focus on clients’ shared needs and intentions for growth, the therapist provides a goal-oriented environment designed to encourage problem solving, development of social skills, and cultivation of positive communication techniques.

At Grace Abounds, we offer three focus groups, each with their own benefits.

Anger Management – This group guides clients towards a more positive management of their emotions by educating them on the purpose and effects of anger, helping them assess individualized warning signs, and demonstrating ways to communicate feelings more effectively.

Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP) – This group educates clients about the different forms of abuse and helps them better understand the cycle of abuse, which cultivates meaningful self-awareness and growth towards more positive relationships with others.

Domestic Violence Survivor’s Group – This group helps survivors emerge from the trauma of abuse by empowering the survivor, engaging them in a therapeutic support system, reframing trauma to alleviate feelings of self-blame, and increasing self-esteem.

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